Saturday, August 9, 2014

We're Back!

Hello! No, we haven't dropped off the face of the earth...just traveled to the states! At the end of May we hopped on a plane and flew to London, then Atlanta, where we hung out with Chad's people for two weeks. We then spent a heavenly week at the beach in south Georgia before flying to Texas. We spent a few weeks with my parents and one week in our former home of Fort Worth. It was a refreshing, rejuvenating, special time with family and friends. We returned to Uganda in July. We were ready to come home. 

Some highlights from our trip:

  • Eating our first American meal at one of our favorite places: The Varsity. It was greasy and delicious. (We may or may not have gained back a few of the pounds we had lost over the last year! It was worth it.)
  • Taking the kids to fun places  in Atlanta like The Georgia Aquarium, The World of Coke, The Atlanta Children's Museum. 
  • Attending Chad's Granny's funeral. We are so glad that she is at peace, no longer confused or in pain.
  • Shopping!
  • Play at playgrounds.
  • Eating out. A lot. 
  • Swimming in the pool and at the beach. It was Molly's first time to the beach and she really loved it.
  • Riding bikes together at the beach.
  • Swimming in my parents' backyard.
  • Riding the Forrest Park Mini-train. Pretty much Graham's favorite thing ever. 
  • Attending our old playgroup. It had grown from 4 kids to over 20 in the past 3 years. Graham had so much fun seeing his old friends.
  • Attending church at The Hills. We all loved it and were encouraged. What could be better?
  • Seeing all four of my grandparents and many extended family.
  • Going on a double date with my brother and sis-in-law.
  • Absolutely number one: seeing our kids play and bond with their grandparents.
These memories are difficult to write about because they were so special, and they are over. We are so thankful that we were able to make this trip this summer. So so thankful. What a blessing.

More to come, I'll try to post more regularly and include pictures next time. Big thanks to all of you who came to see us, took us out to eat, played with our kids, prayed over us, and encouraged us while we were stateside.

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