Wednesday, August 27, 2014


A few weeks ago Graham fell off of our dining table on his elbow. We could tell right away he was hurt pretty badly. We got some x-rays done at a local hospital, but they were really poor quality and the radiologist said the bones looked okay. I was really skeptical but we decided to wait.

Graham's arm swelled to twice its normal size and he refused to use his arm or hand at all. About a week after his accident it still wasn't any better so we decided to drive to Entebbe to nice orthopedic hospital. We saw a Ugandan orthopedist who came very highly recommended. We got some new x-rays and we could all see right away that he had a severe break. The doctor said it would require surgery to set and put in pins. We were not expecting surgery at all and we initially felt shocked and disappointed. But we trusted this doctor and knew that we had to do whatever it would take to fix Graham's arm.

So we came back two days later for surgery. Graham was put to sleep (the worst part) and the surgery was completed without incident. The hospital facilities were really nice, nicer than we expected. Graham was groggy the rest of the day. Chad stayed the night at the hospital with him while Molly and I returned to the hotel.

It's difficult to see your child suffer, but it was more difficult to here in Uganda, where we are skeptical of most of the medical advice that we get. But the Lord was with us granting us peace through it all. We're so thankful it's over! We go back in about two weeks to follow up and have the cast removed. We continue to pray that there will be no complications.

Thank you to all of you who prayed!

Here you can see how swollen Graham's arm was:

We diligently elevated and iced his arm 3 times a day.

Graham's x-ray. You can see that the tip of his elbow was broken off.

All prepped for surgery!

The hospitals here are different. There are several buildings which each serve different purposes. They are connected by covered walkways. So while we waited, and there was a lot of waiting, we sat outside. Molly had a lot of fun playing with these two little girls.

Out of surgery!

Watching a movie at the hospital.

Ready to go home! We have been amazed at how quickly he bounced back. He seemed to feel better right away.

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