Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mbale Missional Community

Our "family" here in Mbale is our mission team. These are the people we do life with. I would compare it to a "small group" in an American church. We see each other at church, at our team devotional Wednesday nights, and at team business meetings Friday afternoons. But rarely does a day go by that we aren't helping each other and/or fellowshipping together.

However, we have made lots of friends outside of our team. There is a larger group called the Mbale Missional Community. This group is any Christian aid workers in Mbale. This community includes workers from the US, Britain, New Zealand, and Holland. We are all in Uganda doing a great variety of jobs, but we have one thing in common: we all love Jesus and came to Africa to serve him.

I would like to add here that all members of the MMC, including us and our team, are out working with local Ugandans almost all of the time of the time. We meet together occasionally to fellowship and have fun. 

We host the MMC in our home once a month for a dinner (we serve pancakes....LOTS of pancakes!) and a western style devotional. We also have MMC barbecues every month or so. Here are some pictures from some recent MMC get-togethers:

Live music night at Endiro Coffee:

I've never seen so many mzungus in one place in Africa!

And we had a barbecue/egg hunt on Easter Sunday:

All the kids ready to hunt for eggs:

Here's Graham and his buddy Silas:

Graham was really into the egg hunt!!

Here's the closest thing we got to a family picture at church:

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  1. I am so glad that you have found your place in a community there - we definitely feel your absence in our Texas community and miss you SO MUCH. Also, you are stunning in these pics!