Thursday, April 10, 2014

Graham's Birthday Party

We decided to do Graham's birthday party three weeks early so that his Nonnie could be there. He has been telling us for months that he wanted a Thomas the Train birthday. We just had the party in our backyard. The kids had a blast playing on the playground and trampoline. And there were LOTS of kids! All of Graham's friends came. 

The decorations were all pinterest inspired and luckily Graham chose a popular theme that has tons of ideas on the internet. We didn't have any games or activities, but no one seemed to mind. Graham had a lot of fun blowing out candles, eating cake and snacks, and opening presents. I have saved a couple of presents for him to open on his real birthday, including an awesome birthday package that his stateside friends sent over. 

I JUST CANNOT BELIEVE THAT I HAVE AN ALMOST 4 YEAR OLD! Where has the time gone? We are so proud of our big boy!

PS: I recently weighed and measured Graham. He is 43 inches (above 95th percentile) and 40 pounds (90th percentile).

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