Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Molly's 1st Birthday Party

Here's what the invitations looked like for Molly's party:

I didn't send them out because we don't really have an address here, and everyone knows where we live anyways. In the "Mbale community" we do all of our communicating about things like this online. But I wanted to have an invitation from her party as a keepsake, so I bought these on Etsy. I printed out a bunch and handed them out at the party.

For the party theme I copied my friend Tara and did a "cupcake bar." My mom even sent over some special things for it from the states. It was a popular idea, especially with the kids! We had our party outside, because we have the playground and trampoline for all the kids to play on. Molly liked her cupcake! Partway through the party it started to rain so we came inside. So many of our friends came and made it a special celebration. 

Happy Birthday Baby Molly!

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