Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Graham's 3rd Birthday Party

Yes, Graham has been 3 for 7 months now, and yes, I am just now looking at and enjoying the pics from his party. My mother in law took a ton of pictures that day. Our computer was somewhere over the Atlantic ocean in our container so I couldn't upload them at the time, and in the craziness that followed I forgot. He party was only a few days before we left to go to SPLICE missionary training in Colorado. After that we were traveling all over visiting family and friends before we moved to Uganda. 

Planning a party in the midst of this chaos was daunting, but I went the store-bought route and didn't make a thing myself. The banner and cupcake toppers I bought on Etsy and the cupcakes were from Albertsons (oh how I miss Albertsons!). Just like his 2nd birthday we had it at our church. It's a really great deal because for a small fee you also get to have this woman named Brandie who tells you when to do what, where to put this or that, and cleans everything up afterward. 

Graham and his friends had so much fun playing on the playscape this year! And Graham definitely knew what was up when it came to blowing out the candle, eating the cupcake, and opening the presents. What a big boy! I'm so glad that we took a break in the chaos of the moment to celebrate his birthday with all of our family and friends. Looking at the pictures was hard, because I miss all of these people so much, but also fun.

Happy Birthday Graham!

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