Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Our New Family Members

Meet the newest members of our family:

Chapstick (guess who named her)

and Zoe

Chapstick was only about 4 weeks old when we got her. We decided to get a cat in an effort to cut down on the appearance of vermin. After much debate we decided to make Chapstick an inside cat. She learned to use the litter box in about a day. So far she is still just a tiny baby who only drinks milk. But the kids, especially Graham, love her to pieces. 

We knew when we got here that we would be getting 2 or 3 puppies to train as guard dogs. A couple weeks after arriving we heard about some German Shepherd puppies in Jinja that were very reasonably priced. When we called there was only one puppy left and we said we'd take her. So we drove up to Jinja with some of our teammates (which was a really fun day trip) to pick up our puppy. It was love at first sight for our whole family. She was 8 weeks old and just adorable, with one ear that sticks up and one that lays down. Zoe is an outside dog, since her job will be to guard our compound and bark at intruders. We are going to get 1 or 2 more German Shepherd pups in a few weeks, because we found another breeder in Jinja.

Taking care of 2 baby animals has been challenging but fun! They give us all so much joy and laughter, its definitely worth all the trouble. I'll keep you updated on any more new additions.

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