Thursday, March 21, 2013

What We've Been Up To

1. Lots of brother/sister play time! Graham is so sweet, gentle, and perfect with Molly (so far). She loves to watch him so much. I am praying every day that they will have a great relationship. 

2. A fun trip to the Canton Trade Days with Mimi. Graham liked looking at the antique trains and running up and down ramps. I bought 2 scarves and a necklace. It was only my second time to go and I thoroughly enjoyed walking around and hanging out with my mom and the kids!

3. Riding the Forrest Park Mini Train with Mimi. My mom was on spring break last week so she came and spend a couple of days with us. Man, we had fun! Graham LOVES riding the train. He got to try popcorn for the first time (ate a whole box). The weather was perfect for some Fort Worth fun!

4. Packing. Packing. Buying stuff. And more packing. Our container ships in just a few weeks....AH!

5. Fun times at Papa and Mimi's house. We are treasuring up as much family time as we can possibly squeeze in lately! That means going to Kaufman almost every weekend. Graham's favorite thing is playing in their backyard with the dogs. He could seriously do it all day. Last weekend had the added bonus of seeing my grandparents from Arkansas. 

6. Petting rabbits at the Wataga Library. Graham was SO excited. But of course when it was finally our turn he got scared. He would touch them but wouldn't hold them. Until the very end when it was time to leave, he decided he wanted to hold one and threw a fit. Go figure! But we always have fun with our playgroup peeps. :)

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