Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Fun!

What a fun weekend! I'm so sad that its over! On Friday night Chad, Graham, and I went out to eat at one of our favorite places: Charleston's. It was delicious. Especially since we are trying to be really good and save our money by not eating out much (really hard, we both LOVE to eat out). Thanks so much to my wonderful mother in law for sending us a little cash to have a night out. I took some pics while we were there.

We have had a family camp out planned for several weeks. My extended family on my dad's side likes to go camping a couple of times a year at my uncle's deer lease. Those of you from Texas will understand what bad luck we had weather-wise! This has been the longest, driest, hottest summer, and on the one weekend we plan to go camping, it rains and pours the whole time! Cold rain! Oh well, we still had a fabulous time. One of my favorite things when I hang out with my dad's family is the game playing. My aunts are always up for a game, any game, and so am I! We played apples to apples, pass the popcorn, and my favorite: peanut. And Graham had so much fun! Before the rain came on Saturday, he walked and explored everywhere. He got filthy dirty and loved it! In the afternoon it started to rain and pour. We were planning to sleep with my parents in their large tent. We kept hoping the rain would stop, but it didn't it. Our tent was really leaky....and muddy. Eventually we had to face the fact that we would not be able to sleep in the tent, especially with a 17 mo boy, and we drove to a nearby hotel. After a delicious breakfast at the campsite, we headed home and all 3 crashed when we got there! Unfortunately, I never even took my camera out because of the rain. Oh well, I'll take some pics on the next camp out. Can't wait!

Here are the pics from Friday night...kind of out of order but oh well.

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