Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I have been to Best Buy twice and I'm going to have to go back. If you have kids you know how difficult this is! Let me back up. I have turned our house upside down looking for the cord that uploads pictures and videos from our camera to no avail. So I broke down and bought a new one at Best Buy. However, they can't seem to provide me with one that works. I'm officially frustrated! Let me just say, I have lot of new pictures and videos I want to show you and I will as soon as I can.

Graham is growing and changing so much! In case you didn't already know, he has completely stopped crawling and become an excellent little walker. He keeps his arms tucked up for balance. He has been teething a lot lately, it seems like all his back teeth are coming in at once! He is still really struggling to communicate, but he is trying to say some words such as bye bye, ball, and juice. He signs the words finished, help, more, and dog. He does not eat nearly as much as he used to, and he's become a lot more picky. He is still a really good sleeper. He takes one long 3-4 hour nap and sleeps 11-12 hours per night. He is busy playing all day long. Now that he can walk he loves to play outside. And let me tell you - he LOVES dogs!

We are just crazy about this little guy!

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