Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Graham Update

Today was my first time to shower/get ready while taking care of Graham by myself (since he dropped his morning nap). I gave him some toys and shut him up in the bathroom with me. Considering that Graham dumping a box of q-tips into his lego box was the worst that happened - I'd call it a success! Anyone have any good advice for accomplishing this??

Cleaning up messes like that have become an all day, every day job for this mom. A job that I am happy to do! I know that it is normal and healthy for Graham to be curious and explore (in a safe way, of course). And so he is constantly rummaging through out cabinets and drawers. It's his favorite thing to do. Well that, and climbing! The ever-present bruises on his legs and head and are a testimony to how much this boy loves to climb on everything. He can climb onto our chairs and couch, and he knows how to get down too! He is really getting the hang of this whole walking thing. We are so proud! He still relies a lot on crawling to get where he wants to go, but more and more he is stepping out and taking several unsteady steps. And tonight, for the first time, he got from sitting to standing without pulling up on anything - what a big boy!

Sad news! We have decided that it's time....for Graham's first haircut. =( His little curls are sweet, but they are starting to look a bit scraggely. So we'll be taking care of that this weekend.

That's all I can think of right now...hope you enjoyed the update on our favorite boy!

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