Sunday, April 24, 2011

Road trip to Arkansas

This weekend we drove to Searcy for Harding's spring sing. It was so funny to see all of the students walking around in their sweatshirts and tennis shoes, going to chapel or to the student center, talking and carrying their books. They all look just the same as they did 10 years ago when I first came to Harding. Except this time, I didn't recognize any of the faces. I feel old! But life has only gotten better since then...even as it has gotten more complicated. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of college life. I loved walking around on Harding's campus (we had several walks over the weekend), I've never seen its equal. I was pleasantly surprised by how many old friends I ran into! It was really a blessing to spend the weekend at my grandparents' house, I love them so much. The spring sing show was better than ever, but that may just be because we had fabulous seats (4th row!).

G was such a good boy all weekend! Especially since he has only very recently been weaned, and I just decided a week ago to take all of his pacis away too. We've only had a little bit of paci withdrawal. We took him with us to spring sing. Anyone who knows Graham knows how sensitive he is to loud noises, so we were fully prepared for full-on crying when the show began. To our surprise, he laid back watched. It was awesome! What a blessing to live close enough to be able to drive there for the weekend. I really hope to be able to come back every year. Pictures to follow soon.

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