Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to Graham!

Wow! One year ago today, I looked like this:

Little did I know I was carrying an almost 10 lb. baby! I can't believe that Graham's birthday is tomorrow! I have never been so happy as I was to first meet this little guy:

Unfortunately, I had a very serious complication after he was born. I had a uterine inversion when my placenta was delivered. Having used no pain meds during labor and delivery, I was in extreme pain when this happened and rapidly began losing blood. The doctors had to take me to the OR and put me to sleep in order to put my uterus back in place, which took 2 hours. I was very lucky, half of the women to who have this very rare complication end up having to have an emergency hysterectomy. Some don't make it. I lost a lot of blood, but was OK. I had to have 5 blood transfusions. When I finally got to cuddle with Graham, I was pretty out of it and not looking too hot!

Proud daddy!

Hopefully the next time we have a baby, it won't be so traumatizing! Here are some special pictures and memories from the past year:

We love this little boy! It has been an amazing year, the best of my life! We are looking forward to many, many more wonderful years and birthdays ahead!

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