Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Christmas

So today since my son's first Christmas is coming up, I was thinking about my first Christmas. I don't remember it, of course, but I've always loved to hear the story of it. Mom and Dad - I hope you don't mind my sharing.

So my Mom and Dad decided, for some reason, to drive from Colorado Springs to Searcy, Arkansas on Christmas Day with a 6 month old baby. That was apparently a bitterly cold winter. Their VW van broke down outside of Little Rock. With no cell phones (of course) they had no choice but to get out and start walking. Luckily, a nice family on their way to Little Rock picked them up. My parents had to wait at their house for my Grandpa to come pick them up. My parents awkwardly watched as this family had Christmas and opened presents. They did, eventually make it to Searcy!

Later, my dad had to head back to Colorado Springs on his own for work. My mom flew back with me later. He drove back in the recovered van, which had been striped. With no heater, no radio, and no money, he drove most of the way with snow chains on going about 20 miles per hour. He drove straight through, and when he finally arrived days later, he immediately went to work at the hospital! Crazy.

Hopefully G's first Christmas will be a little less dramatic.

On a side note, Graham has lately been trying to get up on his hands and feet (not hands and knees). So we'll see if he soon starts crawling. It may be the bear crawl! He has certainly found his own unique ways to do things, and I'm loving it!

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