Thursday, July 21, 2016

Finn - 12 months

On June 16th Finn turned one, or as they say here in Uganda he "made one year." I want to take a moment and write a bit about our precious baby boy. 

Finn is an excellent sleeper. He takes two naps a day and sleeps 11-12 hours each night. 

He's also a great eater. He's basically eating everything we're eating plus nursing a few times a day.

At his 12 month appointment, Finn weighed 21 pounds. Graham and Molly each weighed 21 pounds at 6 months! He wears size 18 month clothes. 

Finn is crawling, pulling up and cruising. He can stand for a few seconds. 

He loves to be outside, swing, explore, go up and down steps, and giggle at his brother and sister. 

Finn flew from Entebbe to Doha to Dallas at 11 months old, and back again at 12 months. I'd say he's a pretty excellent traveler. 

Here are some of my favorite recent Finn pics. There's no doubt about it: he has the cutest dimples around!

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