Tuesday, September 22, 2015


I can hardly believe it, but Graham is in kindergarten! There were no tears here. I am just SO THANKFUL that Graham gets to go to kindergarten at all, and that I don't have to homeschool. It's all thanks to the Tyler International School. We are seriously so excited to be a part of it.

TIS has 12 students ages 4-13, and 3 teachers. Graham's class is pre-k and kindergarten and there are 6 students. His teacher, Miss Malinda, is very sweet and also very experienced. I am already so pleased with the progress he's made!

It's been a bit of an adjustment in our family for Graham to be away most of the day. Especially for Molly. She was very disappointed that she doesn't get to go to school too, and she misses him a lot during the day.

We are very grateful to our good friend Ty, who came to Mbale to start an international school two years ago. He is making it possible for people like us to live here without homeschooling. His school is blessing so many families in Mbale. 

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