Monday, November 10, 2014


A introduction is a very important cultural event in Uganda. When a man and a woman get engaged, they have an introduction in order to introduce to bride and groom to each other's families. A couple of weeks ago I attended my first introduction when one of the LIU students I've been mentoring got engaged. Her name is Edith. 

First of all, you MUST wear a gomes (traditional African dress). Everyone does. My friend Jill and I had gomes' made especially for the occasion. And now I'll have one for next time.

Don't we look lovely??

We arrived two hours late, and the introduction was just's called African time. It's difficult for me to explain the introduction, because it was confusing even for me. There are separate sides for the bride and groom, and each side had a spokesperson with a microphone. The whole thing was a long theatrical performance. Various people were introduced and danced. Gifts to various people were solemnly bestowed. Snacks were served. After a LONG time, the bride finally came dancing out, dressed in her finest. Then there was the "search" for the groom. When he was finally found, there was a gift presented from the groom's family to the bride. 

At this point there was a lull right before the dowry was to be presented and we slipped out. We didn't want to be driving home in the dark.

The groomsmen (in traditional Ugandan attire):

The bridesmaids:

The formal giving and receiving of gifts:

Here comes the bride! Edith is beautiful inside and out and I'm so proud of her.

And....they found the groom!

Together again:

I enjoyed my first introduction. It was very interesting! However it was very long and I can't imagine taking my kids to one. 

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  1. Thanks for the pictures and story line! Very colorful and interesting!