Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Paradox (para-ducks)

In our very first day of SPLICE missionary training, our instructor Robin brought out two rubber ducks. He explained that doing missions overseas often involves paradoxical feelings. "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." I immediately identified with what he was saying, and was so glad to have someone articulate it in a way I understood. I often feel filled with excitement and adventure, and almost in the same moment feel heartbroken and full of sadness. 

Here's the "para-ducks:" "yuck-duck" and "yay-duck." For example: yuck-duck - I'm taking my children away from their amazing grandparents; yay-duck - I'm giving my children an incredible experience. We at SPLICE all used these terms daily during our training. That was one of the things I appreciated most about SPLICE, the terminology they provided that just became part of our vocabulary, making it easier to talk about the things we are experiencing. 

So here's one from my heart today. Yuck-duck: I can't stand the thought of saying goodbye to my friends. Yay-duck: I'm excited to see what new friends The Lord brings into my life.


  1. Love it! Gonna introduce it to the family tonight at the dinner table. A good example to apply as the summer break approaches with the kids.

  2. This is great! And I couldn't agree more. :)