Monday, June 6, 2011

Craft Projects

A couple of months ago my good friend/neighbor Cassie asked me to make her a new nursing cover. By the way, she delivered a healthy baby GIRL named Hadley last night! Somebody had the genius idea to make a nursing cover with boning sewn in at the top so that you can see your baby but you're still covered while you nurse. I didn't have one like this when I was nursing, but I will definitely be making one when the time comes again! And it was so easy! Click here for a tutorial on making a nursing cover:

After I realized how easy it was, I thought that a homemade nursing cover would make a very special baby gift for another close friend of mine who is due in September. (It seems that all of my friends are having babies right now. I guess I'm at that age!) Hers turned out really cute too!

OK, so here is my big summer project. My grandmother picked up this chair at an estate sale.

I love this rocking chair. Its small enough to fit in Graham's tiny bedroom. Its comfortable. Its unique. But I don't love the upholstery. Plus the pink kind of clashes with everything in G's room. So I have plans to recover (or slip-cover) it a very cute apple green (to fit in a boy or girl's room). Oh how I wish I had one of my vastly more talented and crafty friends to help me like Mary Catherine Schallart or Amanda Biles! Alas, they are too far away to help. I am going to try and get my extremely talented Aunt Rachel to help me. If it works, "after" pictures will follow. =)

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