Thursday, February 3, 2011

Iced In

Today will be the 3rd day that the 3 of us are iced in the house together. The ice on the streets has not had a chance to melt because the temperatures have stayed in the low 20s. It has been wonderful to have Chad home with us! He has been able to work from home. If there wasn't any ice, we would probably all be home anyways because all 3 of us have colds. This is Graham's first cold. It has been kind of distressing to me because apparently there isn't much you can for a baby with a cold. You can give them saline drops, use a bulb syringe and a humidifier - all of which we have done. I guess we'll just be waiting for the cold to run its course and go away. I'm really ready for him to get better! He's had some trouble sleeping because he doesn't feel well. We are really thankful that we have had heat and water during this cold snap. There has been a power shortage here in Texas this week. I am also thankful that I made a big grocery trip on Monday! We haven't had to leave the house, but we are starting to really get some cabin fever. We'll see how much longer we're holed up here in the house, but for today at least we are staying home again. We haven't even gone out to take snow pictures - too sick, too cold. This week makes me think about the Laura Ingalls Wilder book that I love called The Long Winter. A few days stuck inside can seem so long for us. In the book they were stuck inside for months eating and drinking the same thing every day, no contact with the outside world. We really have a lot to be thankful for. God has taken good care of us! I have some fun Graham videos that I will upload soon.


  1. You are lucky that he's made it this long without a cold! And, you're right, there's not much that you can do besides what you are already doing. One comforting thing to know is that if you are still nursing him, your milk is producing what he needs to get over it faster - just another cool way that our bodies respond to what our little ones need! Hang in there! It's so hard to see our little (and big) guys sick!

  2. I feel ya girl...we were stuck inside for a week!!!! Enjoy your fam! Love you!