Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We have had such a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! Having Graham just makes everything more fun. =) We went to my mom and dad's house in Kaufman for Thanksgiving Wednesday-Saturday. We were joined by my brothers and grandparents from Searcy. And on Thursday my other grandparents and several aunts, uncles, and cousins came. All of the cooking, eating, and fellowship was so special. We played a lot of games, which I love! Everyone got to hold and play with Graham, which meant a lot to me. He gave out lots of smiles and made all of his favorite noises for everyone. He rolled all over the floor (nope, no crawling yet!). The only downside was that Graham doesn't sleep that great when we're not at home. He's a homebody like most babies. I think that we'll all be happy to be in our own beds tonight! On Friday we celebrated my dad's birthday, which is today. We went out to eat in Dallas at a great restaurant called Truluck's. Graham loves sitting up at the table in a high chair! Now that Thanksgiving is over, I am really in the Christmas spirit. We are planning to put up our Christmas tree and decorations this weekend, and I will include pictures of course! We are so excited to start all of our own family holiday traditions. Graham is just such a good boy, we feel blessed every day to have him. I know every parent thinks this, but to us he is just the sweetest, cutest, smartest, more special baby ever. Thank you Lord for this blessing!

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