Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Solid Food

Graham had his first serving of solid food on Saturday morning (not including the little tastes of ice cream he's gotten!). He's only had rice cereal so far, but I am looking forward to making my own baby food and watching him try all kinds of things in the future.

We had such a wonderful weekend last weekend catching up with some good friends: the Whites on Friday night and the Riches on Saturday night. This weekend we are looking forward to having Graham's Grandmother come visit from Atlanta!

Also, I am truly enjoying the bible study I joined called "Wisdom for Mothers." It is such a blessing to talk and share with other young mothers! The only problem is that Graham has a hard time in the church nursery because he doesn't want to sleep anywhere but his bed. He did take a bottle there today though which is good. He doesn't like eating from a bottle much at all.

PS: Please say a little prayer for Joe Bagby and his family.

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